20 February 2012

Jatujak -- Shopping Mecca

The cute version (that happens to not have 100 people standing in the same 100 square feet at this moment) aka, The Dream Secion.

The main road of the market (not cute version)
The Jatujak market is INSANE.  It's like the Rose Bowl flea market, but on crack.  Perhaps the same amount of square footage at the RBFM, but has 20x's the number of vendors in that same space.  It's indoor, it's outdoor, there are stalls, stores, carts, and there are people just selling their wares on the street, it's any thing and it's every thing.  And by everything I mean everything.  Art, dishes, disposable supplies, home furnishings, custom tailoring, clothes of every style (though not size), shoes, jewelry, pets (I'm talkin' cats, dogs, snakes, chinchillas, mini monkeys, etc), food vendors, craft supplies, army surplus, and more.  You name it, they got it... and for 1/8th of the price you'd get it in the States.

Thing is, EVERYONE in Thailand is shopping here.  Lots of pushing, pulling, prodding, and such just to walk down some of the 4' wide aisles in the more cramped sections... which are most sections.  I went two days in a row, and I still have not seen every vendor and still get lost.  It doesn't help that when you're in it, it's an absolute maze.  If you come here, you should go here if at least to not stock up on some supplies for super cheap or just eat a bunch of different food.

Note to value fashionistas and anyone with any sense of style:  Go to the Dream Section.  You'll thank me later.  I just saved you one more day to shop.  ...or one less day of wandering around trying to find the good stuff.



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