08 February 2012

6 days til V-Day (aka Vámonos Day)... so it's anxiety time

Okay, so I leave on Valentine's Day.  This is the year to love myself a little more, right?  Six days until I head to SFO and say goodbye to my most loved ones and the life I'm use to for a while.  The anxiety is growing a bit but the list of things to do is shrinking.  It was at 95 items, now closer to 15.  I've been busy.  And not sleeping much.  And going through a grab bag of emotions.

I'd love to think that it'd be nice and easy to just pack a backpack with some clothes and basic supplies, but it's not... for me.  I over think it.  How does one minimally pack for all of the potential situations I'll be in (and don't know I'll be in) and how I should prepare/dress for them: touring, swimming, working in fields, building structures, going into temples and more conservative areas, riding elephants in the river, plus going out at night for dinner or clubs.  How do you dress for a high of 95 degrees/low of 75 degree temps while there's a thunderstorm and a lot of mosquitos around too?  I live in LA. We have one season and it's not hot, humid, or wet nor does it have a lot of bugs (ok, we do have cockroaches). 

Another thing on my mind is what foods will I miss the most from the US and what is going to be my last meal.  Mexican food, In n Out, California cuisine, grilled cheese on sourdough, Italian... Yeah, I'm gonna be trying some great foods, but those cravings, those American comfort foods, those are not going to be there when I want them.  (Welcome to a life less convenient, April... for a trip of a lifetime... to expand your perspectives and tastes.  Shut up, April.)

And can I just say that I'm REALLY going to miss my cat?  My heart is breaking at the thought of leaving my big, furry child and miss sleeping next to her every night.  She is the SOFTEST and sweetest cat you could ever touch.  EVER. Yeah, I'm one of those people and proud of it.  She's that awesome.


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