01 February 2012

$450 and all I got was stabbed five times and five tiny band aids

OK, immunizations are not cheap. While it did not hurt that much getting said shots, the days after felt like someone took a solid whack at my arm with a baseball bat. But now I can throw caution to the wind and take on some crazy that comes my way. ...ok, maybe I'd like to not test them and see if they actually work. Thing is, that was just the first round. Round two of the Hep B shot up next before I leave (shot 2 of 3).
Side note to those of you wondering about some immunizations, there isn't one for Malaria only pills to help prevent them and there are several options depending on a variety of factors. The most affordable one has side effects that could make you sensitive to the sun (did I mention I'm going to be near the equator for at least 90 days during their very hot and humid summer?) and ladies, it makes you susceptible to yeast infections of which you need a prescription for that too. Um, hot, sweaty, itchy and funky? No, thank you! And they may not work so great if you're on the pill. Oh, the other (not so affordable) option with no side effects is around $7/pill/day... x's 90+ days. ...uuhhhmmm, definitely not the cheapest option. Last option for me, I just wing it and hope I don't get malaria or if I think I may have it, there are some pills I can take to buy some time until I get to a hospital within three days. OK, I'll take that one.
Oh, and rabies shots are around $700. Ouch. Please don't let any dogs or bats bite me. That takes out doing some hiking into bat caves. Damn.


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