18 February 2012

A note on street food...

A bigger food set up than most and fairly typical food prep.  Yes, he's washing the dishes.

GREAT fried and roasted meats!!!  

Prepping the mis en place.
My FAVORITE so far.  Roasted pork.  It's nice, juicy and tasty on the inside, crispy and salty on the outside.  

This place is a ServSafe and Health Inspectors' worse nightmare.  Period.

The same person that makes your food with their bare hands is the same person that takes your money too.  There are no gloves and there is no washing of the hands or use of sanitizer between food handling and cash handling.  Get use to it.

Dishes:  Let's just say there are no "dish washers" or anything resembling a machine to sanitize the dishes you eat off of.  They're often washed in a large bucket.  On the ground.  With no hot water.  And it came out of a wall on the side of an alley.  And there may or may not be soap involved.

Temperature (storage and cooking) regulations:  There are none.  Raw meat, eggs, seafood, etc. are sometimes on ice, but sometimes at room temp, which is currently 90 degrees.  Dry storage?  None, it's humid.  The storage is in a container on the sidewalk.

The flavors, you can't beat it!  I'm eating at least 50% of my meals with only a long toothpick.  Because it's served in a plastic bag.  But it was only $1 or so to eat my meal and it's soooo good!  And I eat at least one whole pineapple to two a day because it's the best I've ever tasted.  I don't know about some of that other odd fruit that stinks though - that spiky football thing.  It has a sweet, funky poo smell.  Not havin' it.  But I'm so looking forward to trying so many other foods!  So many good food smells!!  And the lack of hygiene or food safety hasn't really deterred me... yet.

On to more culinary adventures!


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