02 June 2013

LOOKING BACK: Myanmar 2012

This was an impromptu trip.  I didn't think I would make it there with the time that I had.  I always wanted to go to Myanmar but was uncomfortable with traveling there on my own.  So it all started as I was leaving my hostel in BKK, I asked if anyone in my room wanted my Lonely Planet - SE Asia travel book.  One gal said she wanted it as she was going to travel to Myanmar.  After chatting a while about traveling there, I invited myself to travel with her and her friend that I had yet to meet.  So as we were exchanging information, she looked me up on Facebook and then asked me if I knew a particular person that I was once friends with in high school - my reply was yes.  Small world, she use to date him for several years when he moved to Seattle after graduating from high school.  After that, she and I were two peas in a pod while traveling through Myanmar.  She's one of my favorite people I've ever traveled with.  

Myanmar is the one country I can now say was one of the most foreign places I've ever traveled to.  Everywhere else is set up nicely for tourists.  At the time I went, Myanmar definitely was not.  VIP buses?  Nope.  AC in buses?  Definitely not.  Tour companies set up in every town on every corner?  Yeah, right.  A backpackers party route?  Thankfully, no.  Locals looking to rip off tourists?  Not at that time.  Locals speaking English with tourists?  Only in Yangon.  ATM's or the ability to use a credit card?  Hells no!  It was foreign, untouched, authentic, and beautiful.  The people are absolutely warm, curious, and incredible.  I can't believe that I didn't put it on my original list of places to go.  Should you ever decide to come to SE Asia, don't pass up the chance to go to this country before it becomes unrecognizable with an industrial age coming its way.  You won't regret seeing the truly amazing and stunning country.  

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