07 May 2013


Kangaroos and emus all living together harmoniously

This is where we camped - such a gorgeous campground!!!  Perfect for sitting along the pond drinking wine at sunset.

What is a trip to Australia without seeing a kangaroo in its natural habitat?  So for the entirety of my time in Australia, traveling along the entire east coast, it wasn't until I got to WA that I finally saw my first kangaroo out in the wild.  To me, it was a pretty incredible experience.  We drove into this small town (that I honestly can't remember the name of), where upon entering into the center of this town is a small park and that was where I saw them first.  My first kangaroo, hopping along the sidewalk.  We get out of the car, grab some food, and walk up to them.  Owen's the first to go and feed them because let's face it, I've heard that they can be wild, hit/kick people, I don't know if they bite, have rabies, or what.  So I hang back to see how they act.  Owen goes right up, starts feeding them and petting them - no biting, no rabies, no kicking - they seemed nearly domesticated.  So I approach them timidly (of course I think "they may not bite him, but they'll bite me!") put my hand out like I'm feeding a horse, and the little kangaroo initially grabs the food but then eats our of my hand.  What an incredible feeling to be interacting a wild animal like this and of course it can only be done in Australia.  We went around feeding the kangaroos branches of leaves that we found in the area, pet them, and of course took tons of photos of them.  This particular breed of kangaroo are a bit smaller than what I thought they would be but they also had a lot of little joeys running around too, some still hanging out of their mother's pouch.  It really was a cool experience to see them up close.

Also running around this town were a bunch of emus as well as their little babies!  I was a bit more unsure about the emus as I didn't know if they were dangerous or not since cassowaries that are also in Australia can (and will) kill people.  So I steered clear of them, but it's such a cool thing to see these massive birds walking around the town, many hanging out in people's front yards, and some just sitting in a driveway.  Going to this little town was such a fun experience, like having our own personal petting and feeding zoo.

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