06 May 2013

'MARGS' // a.k.a. Margaret River

My favorite place in WA was Margaret River – hands down, no contest!  It’s the perfect combination of beaches, wineries, big, rolling, green hills, surf, wineries, great restaurants, breweries, more Aussie charm, cool temperatures, and did I mention the wineries?  Yes, this is WA’s wine country!  And after all my travels through SE Asia and NOT drinking wine, I was in absolute heaven in Margaret River.  We went to several wineries over the course of four or so days along with a few breweries and completely overloaded on drinking wine from lunch until sleep. 

As much as Aussies like their (subpar) beer (Corona and Heineken are considered premium beer, clearly the standard for beer is a tad low), but they also redeem themselves with a good selection of micro-breweries in the area such as Cowaramup and Duckstein.  They’re situated amongst the wineries in gorgeous settings typically along a pond where you can also have some really good food too.  I love wine, but sometimes, beer is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Obviously that region has their own style but I gotta admit that there were some gems in there including a few places that had some Chardonnays done in a California-style and let me tell you, it felt like home, even if it was at the bottom of a wine bottle.   Nothing beats a beautiful bottle of cool, buttery, oaky Chardonnay on a warm spring day with some lovely cheeses, crackers, charcuterie, and fruit set out amongst the vineyards with great conversation.  That my friends, is my own personal heaven.

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