12 April 2013


I left the person in the photo on purpose (mostly) as I wanted you to see the scale of how close this humpback was to us.

Ignore the pedicure and take note of the pristine white sand, all super-squeaky clean, gorgeous white sand.

The bald eagle, national bird of good ol' USA.  No doubt a good omen for me on this beach in Australia.

Do you ever go someone where with very little expectation and then suddenly, you're floored?  You can't believe that you are witnessing something so stunning and it takes your breath away?  The Whitsundays took my breath away and dramatically humbled all of my other beach experiences.  This day decided to be all about impressing me.  And that, it did!  

I went another boating experience out to 'The Reef' again in Airlie Beach, but this time done a little differently as I did a high speed rafting boat (which was f’n awesome for someone that loves to travel at really fast speeds!!).  It took us out to a few different places where we could snorkel and lucky for us, it was the time of year where mama humpback whales and their pup would migrate south.  Personally, I’ve never seen a humpback whale up close.  So while we were on our way out to Whitsunday, a humpback had suddenly appeared not more than 40’ from our boat which all of a sudden seamed like a little life raft compared to how big this fully grown humpback was.  We turn off our engine on our boat because by law, no boats are allowed closer than something like 100’-150’ to any whale and this one just came upon us and was jumping in and out of the water so close to us, over and over again.  It was an incredible sight to behold.  It’s not every day you can see such a huge, massive, majestic, and beautiful creature up close and what seemed like celebrating in its own habitat.  Once it was done playing, it swam right for our boat, got within 10’ of us, went right under us and moved on.  Now that is something I’ll never forget!!  EVER!

The other thing I’ll never forget is seeing the Whitsundays.  Now, if there is a god, I’m pretty sure he/she/it decided to knock everyone’s socks off and impress us all.  The Whitsundays makes the top five beaches I’ve seen if not closer to the top, hands down.  What makes this place any different than other gorgeous beaches?  For one, the swirl of white sand and turquoise waters.  Many places have turquoise waters, tropical paradise, and white sand, but none swirl them around like painting.  Two, the landscape seems stark, almost like simple frame to show off the exquisite detail of this place.  Three, it's home to many, many sting rays.  They're just sitting there at the bottom of sand, chillin'.  Four, it's a part of the Great Barrier Reef - head out in nearly direction and you're in the home of some of the most beautiful reef and sea life the Earth has to share.

I realize there are so many places to see in this world, this is most definitely one that everyone should be so humbled to see.  It will no doubt impress you.  GO! 

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