15 March 2013


I spent one whole day in Noosa.  Could I have used more?  Sure.  But did I feel the pull to stay there?  No.  Noosa is a lovely town but quite touristy and sorta high-end touristy.  If I were on a regular holiday, I would have loved it.  But on a backpacker budget, not so much.  So my ONE day I spent there, I went for the nice long hike around the Reserve that goes along the coast full of people surfing, laying out on the different beaches, though forests, along cliffs, and with the possibility that one can spot a koala too.

That night, I went out with some new friends from my dorm room to the bar at the hostel where I ended up meeting some cool guys from Sydney who were there for a stag party (bachelor party for those of you from the States).  Somehow, I unintentionally got to be an honorary dude for the night and hung out with them for the rest of the evening at that bar as well as a few others, mostly just chatting away, asking about the wedding, etc. They were all absolute gentlemen who honestly just wanted to get drunk, act stupid, and have some (innocent) fun, you know, the usual.  However, the trouble was, we kept losing the best man at every bar.  At the end of the night, it seemed that he along with another of their friends got themselves thrown into the drunk tank.  Ah, Australia, you did not disappoint that night!

And apologies on the photos, I was too lazy and only used my old iPhone 3GS for the hike so no fancy (clear) shots.


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