29 May 2013

LOOKING BACK: 16 months of travel


So I've been thinking back on the last year and half as it's just FLOWN by!  It's hard to describe to someone what an extended travel experience is like, except that it's subtly life changing.  But as I've done this blog to share with you some of my experiences along the way, I wanted to somehow track where I'd been on a map just to see where on this Earth I've been to.  After inputting the majority of the locations online, what at first seemed like I'd been everywhere is now "Geez!  I've hardly been any where! I've got so many more places to experience!".  So here's a glimpse of where all I've been to and some random facts about my travels - but I gotta say, I've traveled enough miles to go around the Earth three times?!  That's CRAZY!!!!  Hopefully one day I actually will complete a full loop around the world! 

And then there's the whole number of miles I've sat on my ass - around 74,000 miles?!  This is definitely a WTF moment.  My intellect does not fail me in noticing that this could have something to do with my posterior getting a tad more "voluptuous" while I've traveled.  But oh, it was so worth it!!  And 15,000 miles by bus, ugh!  I can't begin to tell you all I've seen, heard, witnessed, experienced, and even smelled from the seat of a bus (though not always seated per say), but traveling by bus has been 15,000 miles of all of my journeys amongst locals and friends... and of course some good, loooooong books!

Looking at this map above, it makes me realize I just haven't even scratched the surface of the world.  I look forward to continue filling in the rest of the map in all of my days to come.  

Coming soon - post cards and map details of each trip...

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At May 30, 2013 at 12:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an awesome site and wish I could do this. I hope your dream comes true and you are able to make the big loop. Best Wishes.

At May 30, 2013 at 10:03 PM , Blogger April said...

Thank you! I hope so too, but I've got so much to explore here still. Too many places, not enough time!


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