27 July 2012

Thakek - The Town

Million dollar smiles

There really isn't much to see in Thakek that the average tourist would be interested in.  There really are no "sights" to see.  Since I was stuck there for a day, I decide to go and explore this town on foot.  What I found were a lot of people really curious about me as they don't typically see tourists wandering on foot in the locations I wandered into (local villages waaay off the beaten path), a town teeming with life and old, and unappreciated, beautiful, and broken-down architecture that was once occupied by the French.

I was met with a lot of curiosity, smiles and two particularly big smiles from a man and his baby son who had the biggest smiles I've ever seen, the kind where you can see every tooth in their mouth because they smiled with all their heart.  I bought some fruit from them after an exhausting day of walking around and checking out their town.  We had lovely conversation and continued to do whatever I could to get his baby to smile that smile.  It was pretty easy.  He's a happy baby.

Another great day in a town that I initially had zero expectations of.  I love those kinds of days.

He really wanted his picture taken.  Mr. Cool...

And the boy's little brother wasn't sure he wanted his picture taken
These kids I approached because they had a tiny kitten that kept mewing near their home.  They were watching
it and I just wanted to make sure the kitten was ok.  I hope it still is...

This is the best!  It started pouring rain when I was in this square and these boys started running up and down through
the town's long fountain just having a great ol' time... of course their mother was on the side yelling at them to get down.

Proud of their achievement.

Herd of goats all over the neighborhoods eating


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