02 July 2012

Mirroring one's soul...

An early morning rise and we were off to ride elephants!  We arrived at our elephant camp and I noticed that one of the elephants that was in one place yesterday was in the same location today… off on it’s own… and making all sorts of unhappy noises... more like a bit angry. There are three of us and we’re paired up with our elephants.  The couple I was with were the first two on with two elephants that went out riding yesterday…. And of course, I see that I’m paired with the loner, upset elephant.  No instructions were given as to what we were supposed to do other than get on, sit near their head, put your hands on their head, and put your legs behind their ears.  Uh huh.  That’s it?  So the couple are already down in the river bathing with their elephant.  Mine on the other hand, decided it was very hungry.  We’re on a steep hill, I have no experience on an elephant, and mine wants to get the good stuff in the more difficult places (this elephant is starting to sound like me) where I think I'm gonna fall off anytime soon.  My elephant finally makes it down to the river and I learn that my elephant either hasn’t been bathed in a while or it doesn’t give a shit what directions are given to it by my mahout.  She goes straight to being fully submerged and starts twisting side to side.  A good amount of this and I fall off. I get back on, she’s loving the water keeps, going too far in it, pushes up against the other elephants with my leg in between them and I swear she is doing everything to do whatever the hell she wants, rider or not.  If I were her, I’d probably do the same thing.  She keeps on playing, doesn’t want out of the water and is finally coerced into following the other two elephants.  We go on a trek through the jungle with the elephants and let me tell you, this was no small feat.  I can tell I’m riding her wrong, she’s doing whatever she wants, doesn’t want to follow the other elephants, she lags way behind, scratches her body up on the trees and such taking her sweet time, then takes the steeper routes, stops to eat regardless that her trainer is yelling out commands, etc.  Hmm, loner, doesn’t listen to anyone, doesn’t follow what she should be doing, doesn’t want anyone riding her… hm, this sounds a lot like me.  I’m pretty sure she mirrored my energy, one independent soul to another.  She's such a magnificent creature, amazing really.  While I had one hell of a ride today, it’s an experience I’ll never forget.  

This little one thought my camera lens was a banana and was trying to eat it

A friend bathing his elephant and playing with the baby elephant

Couldn't help but capture these cute elephant butts...
but I gotta say that when they fart, it's loud and can make you cower
Feeding my crazy elephant... and the dirt on me, well,
it's actually dirt and elephant shit that was thrown at me.


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