23 May 2012

Nha Trang, m'eh or yeah(!)?

From our boat in the islands

Nha Trang, I have mixed reviews on this place.  What made it amazing was the people that I was traveling and hanging with.  Otherwise, I could have probably skipped it due to the fact that it lacks culture and soul.  The big beach there could have been any where in the world, it was void of anything indicating you were in Vietnam at all.  The big, fun thing to do there that's a big draw is the water park.  The majority of the restaurants had Western food.  All things I could have seen or done in other parts of the world, more specifically any amusement park in America or any beach in Florida.  While it was a fun town to party in, if you're not into that, then skip it.  You can party anywhere in Vietnam and get more out of it.  I have friends who say they loved it though.  So to each his own.

A few POSITIVES about Nha Trang, the water out near the islands is quite beautiful.  The best thing I did was to buy a ticket to go to four of the islands out there and had a great time!  We basically made it into a booze cruise, went swimming at three different islands, beer was cheap, there was entertainment on board in the form of a lady-boy band (I don't think he was lady boy though, just a fun guy dressed as a woman), jumping off the top of the boat into the warm water, a floating bar with free drinks (a guy in a cool big tube outfitted to be a mini bar with a big bucket of mixed drinks for everyone), had a good friend with me to celebrate an amazing day, and had an amazing spread of a lunch. Oh, and did I mention that the ticket for all of this was only $7?!

The leader of our tour was not only super friendly and funny, he has been doing this for such a long time that he knew how Westerners like to joke, could poke fun at his own culture, made sexual jokes, knew a bunch of songs from all over the world including Russian, and spoke Chinese as well.  He was absolutely perfect to spend the day with.  Now, this lady boy band... they kicked ass!  Not only were they good musicians who knew a lot of popular rock songs from the 90's through current times, they were playing on guitars that the tuning keys were rusted and a drum kit that was made of a big plastic barrel for a bass drum and big pots that one would cook rice in with skins were stretched over them for drums.  A complete homemade drum set.  I loved it!  The leader had spoken to many people on the boat and when the band was playing, was asking where people were from, then he would bring them up on stage to sing a song from their country and others would join in.  Absolutely brilliant!  This one day, made all the days in Nha Trang worth it.

Super fun "lady boy" on our boat with coconut shell breasts.
Just look at all those smiling, excited faces in the background.  Good fun had by all!

Absolutely love the homemade drum kit!  
Rusted keys never stopped this guy from rockin'!

The leader of this cruise in the orange hat

Jon and Singh.  We met Singh on the street when he offered to get us ice for our cocktails
wanted to make at the beach for only $0.75.  Super cool guy with a crazy eye and a
wonderful spirit.  He hung out with us for a bit and we all just enjoyed each others company.

Singh and I... sweet guy even gave me his rosewood beaded bracelet as a friendly gesture. 

It's Tiger time!

Typical night out in Nha Trang with fellow backpackers


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