02 July 2012

Adventures in Cheap Lodging - On the way to Luang Prabang, Laos

I really should do a series of adventures on cheap lodging because when you travel on the cheap, the more budget you are the stranger the places get.  

So this guest house in Luang Prabang is a bit more unique… though not vastly different than others I've stayed in before.  This place is 80 baht a night (about $2 a night).  The floors are noticeably slanted to one side (my thoughts are sliding into the river as I type this), rodent terds are on the ground along the wall along with dead termite ant wings, little lizards (no problem, they’re actually a welcome addition!), a very large and dead millipede in the shower area, and very large and very alive spider that I’ve never seen before that has some rather meaty legs behind the bathroom door.  And that bathroom door, well, the top of the doorway comes up to my shoulders, so I have to duck to go into the bathroom.  Roosters are outside of the window.  I still have not gotten use to them waking me up at 3:30am and probably never will.  I'm convinced roosters don't know what their role is since the majority of them seem to have no idea that the sun doesn't come up for several more hours.  So if you see roosters outside of your guest house when you're staying there, you may want to reconsider location.  Oh, did I mention that you can knock on the bed mattress and hear it echo like a hollow tree?  Welcome to adventures in cheap lodging.  Yep, I signed up for this and I love every moment of it.


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