09 April 2012

Mandalay, Myanmar - A whole lot of not much

Well, the fact that I didn’t take many pictures may give you an idea of what’s there.  To me, it’s a whole lot of city with a few pagodas that are so-so (especially after seeing so many GREAT pagodas already) and a place to stock up on supplies... but we did only spend 24 hours there so perhaps there's more to it than what we saw.  But after a place like Inle Lake, the energy of the city was just tough to deal with after days of tranquility.

One interesting thing that Allie and I did was get a palm reading... and not the warm and fuzzy kind, the kind where they tell me I'm not going to ever get married (but then the message changes based off other info he read), will have 2-3 children, have a tumor that needs an operation (so I need to eat mostly meat and vegetables and no dairy), I'll be famous and very wealthy but I have to continue to do the same job I've been doing...  It was based off of our birthdate and day of week we were born along with some other info we couldn't tell he was doing.  Basically, we took it with a grain of salt but it was interesting nonetheless.  I never had anyone break it down for me 

So here are a few pix of Mandalay for ya...


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