02 April 2012

More to love in Inle...

Here's some more of Inle for ya.  

Morning view of the mountains from our cottage

Our chariot...

Went to a place where they make cigars...  which I actually enjoyed the star anise one quite a bit.

A few head wraps of some of the villagers...

And smiles...

V-dub!  Our awesome boat guide for Inle...

A local in a village where they make silver

Chris watching the local boys play 

Kids with their make-shift super soakers

Another boy part of the super-soaker fun saying hello to us

At a paper and umbrella making shop...

At a local market...

Some sort of rice chip-like thing, tasty but tough to eat

 The same village as the market specializes in pottery...

The kilns that are buried 6' below ground level

Readying to leave the market

BTW, the mud-looking smudges on their faces are traditional for Myanmar as part makeup/sunblock

Getting out of the local traffic jam

Went to a place where they make sake... here we are sampling (the water bottles are filled with them)...

Funny thing, our guide drank with us and was a bit stumbling when we left where shortly after that, we ran out of gas.
Allie and Chris watching the kids play

We big-big!

Floating tomato crops

Sunset from our balcony

Sunset again...

Local boy doing traditional rowing technique
Local fisherman saying HELLO!!

Perfect demonstration of rowing here with one leg so the hands can fish


Slapping the water to scare fish into the nets

Upon arrival at our hotel cottage, we're greeted by the staff playing various percussion instruments - made us feel pretty special!

Collecting soil for their floating farms

Beautiful carvings for a door pull 
And sometimes, things don't translate quite the same...
Goodbye Inle!!  We'll miss you!!


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