17 March 2012

Things that you should not do while traveling in Asia... that I've done

1. Drink local water
2. Eat watermelon (CDC warns that they're injected with local water to make them heavier when they're for sale)
3. Not take anti-malaria pills (mosquitoes are everywhere!)
4. Eat street food (but I can't stop!!  It's so good and cheap!!!)
5. Take a motorcycle ride from a stranger (especially an 18 year old one) to a town that is two hours away... at night time... in hilly terrain... and along dirt roads.
6. Trust a local with ALL of my cash for half the day (especially when I can't access ATM's or credit cards in this country nor do I have a ticket out of here.)
7. Get bitten by a dog and have it draw blood (I'm in rabies country - CDC recommends that I go to a hospital ASAP for a series of shots or die within 24 hours if infected).  I have a motorcycle taxi take me to the "hospital" and while trying to describe my wound to employees there and doing all sorts of crazy gestures only to have the woman tell me "no".  ""No" what?" is my reply.  I do the gestures all over again even pointing to a dog and biting my own hand, she says "no" again.  Ummm, wtf?  She begins talking to my motorcycle taxi driver and he and the other driver start laughing... they brought us to the post office!  He then understood what I meant by "hospital" and "dr" (he only understood the "office" part of "doctor office".  They then take my friend and I to the actual hospital and I wished that I was back at the post office as the "hospital" is just scary, dark, lots of bugs, the hospital bed is covered in some floor laminating material, and she didn't even use gloves when touching my wound with her bare hands.

I'm sure this list will continue...


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