01 March 2012

Cool as a cucumber

He should be pouring sweat!!  He just pedaled my fat ass 2 miles in 96 degree, humid weather on hot concrete --
not one drop of sweat.  Not. one. drop.
100% earned the title of Mighty Mouse in my book

I’m pretty sure Thai people have no pores.  Once I leave my wonderfully air-conditioned hostel room, I start sweating – BIG time.  The other night I went to have a bowl of soup in Chinatown, it looked great and had my favorite style of pork in it.  I scoop a spoonful of broth, blow on it a little to cool it down, put it in my mouth and the instant it hits my lips, my lips and mouth are on FIRE that I almost choke on it going down my throat.  Thing is, it was really delicious otherwise.  I decide to try and get through it but with a lot of difficulty.  My entire mouth and head were on fire, like someone turned the heat up to 200 degrees.  I order an orange juice to help cool my mouth down but at some point, I go to wipe my face and to my surprise, when I thought the heat was all in my mouth, apparently it was all over my face, I’m pouring sweat like I’ve been out running all day.  I look over at the other Thai/Chinese people sitting around me, they’re calmly eating their soup AND have added more hot peppers and chili oil to their soup too!  Not one drop of sweat on their face.

I take a samlor (three-wheeled bicycle taxi)  in Lopburi.  It’s hot as hell there and humid.  The older gentleman pedaling in this heat with a dark gray button up shirt and shorts isn’t even sweating.  I see the guy struggling up some small inclines and trying to pedal my fat ass.  No sweat on his back in this blazing sun.  I eventually see his face, not a drop of sweat.  WTF?  I'm sweating like crazy!!

How do they do it?

These Thai people are as cool as a cucumber.  I want in.


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