01 March 2012

Where the monkeys roam...

Lopburi.  I heard that they had gangs of monkeys running around the streets and wats there, so of course I had to check it out.  And yeah, they are literally EVERYWHERE.  And by everywhere, they are at the wats (hundreds of them), hanging out on the street like children, sleeping in the power lines, scampering across rooftops and balconies, playing with each other in trees trying to make the other fall down into the pool of water below, stealing food from tourists and food stands... they are just everywhere.  While they are super cute and I really want to play with them, I understand they can be a nuisance as some locals carry their own slingshots to "deter" the animals as they don't want to hurt them -- since Buddhists believe in preserving all forms of life and Hindu's feel the animals are decedents of the Hindu god Kala - to injure one would be bad karma... or so Lonely Planet told me.  But it is an absolute trip to watch them as they are a part of the community there and even though you could in theory walk up to them, it's suggested that you don't since they are still wild animals and can be aggressive.  And don't worry, if you have any food showing, they'll come up to you and often take it from you, including biting you.  Luckily, I did not have to experience that pleasure.

Hundreds maybe thousands of the monkeys stay in the shade here at a way

Eating some food that was left on the street
On the streets with a local feeding/petting them

Hanging out in power and telephone lines

Stealing flowers for a temple to eat... the cat doesn't seem to mind their presence


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