12 March 2012

First weekend with the family...

Shortly after my teary homecoming with my family, I was able to spend four days with them here in Thailand to really see what their lives are like, see where they live, what they do on a daily basis and just to observe and be a part of their lives (there is a lot of observing since my mother is the only person that really speaks any English and even with that, some things are lost in translation). 

My family are what they call "country folk"... and by that, I mean way out in the country where there are very few to no modern conveniences such as showers, western toilets, solid walls, paved roads (lots of potholes though!), and such.  I'll go into more detail on another post as this was more of a weekend to get to know them and the family.  They showed me around Korat (they live an hour outside), their village, a national park with waterfalls, the Thai Stonehenge, and the mountains.  It was really great to even be an observer and to interact with them.  Something as simple as having a picnic in the park to see everybody in action to learn about their likes and dislikes, what makes them smile, and what they enjoy doing in their downtime.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

My mom and sister making the papaya salad above.  These people know how to picnic!

My beautiful great-nieces... they LOVE to be photographed!! 

Clockwise starting on the top-left: My brother and his granddaughter, my step-dad, my great-niece, my sister-in-law with her granddaughter. 
My Thai family at the Thai Stonehendge

My great-nephew (aka, MY baby, I would love to take this cutie home!)

At the Thai Stonehendge


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