05 April 2012

Full moon...

Full moon's seem to be the thing here in Asia.  I'm sure I could ask a local, "what day of the week is it?" and they would likely nod their head and smile at me.  Though if I were to ask them "full moon?" and point down (like it's today), then they would have a big smile and say "yes!!" like it's their birthday.  Here in Hoi An, the whole town is illuminated in beautiful lighting, colorful fabric lanterns and on a full moon, they float paper lanterns that look like glowing flowers on their river.  While I unfortunately did not get a shot, I'm here to tell you, these things are not to be missed.  Asians love their lunar calendar, and the hope for a blessed life, good fortune and health... as well as a good crop.

...and for us young Westerners, the full moon usually means a big party on the beach.


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