27 September 2013


My grandpa reminds me of a little boy in this photo.  I think that's all he was, a big kid.

My grandpa and grandma while at our last family dinner

Grandpa and I during Christmas when I was about 4 years old.  Yep, I'm rockin' an awesome bowl cut.
Please note the island sunset wallpaper, orange bean bag and orange/brown linoleum floors.  Classic 70's.

My grandpa had the best laugh EVER.  Hands down, no contest.  Best laugh EVER.

It was distinctive and it came from the pit of his soul.  I loved his laugh.  It was a chuckle and a laugh all rolled into one.  He giggled and laughed at just about everything.  He and my grandma used to go to my volleyball games when I was a teenager and I don’t think either of them knew how the game was played but he use to giggle whenever something good would happen.  Even my teammates noticed and loved his laugh too.  As a child, he use to tickle me all the time until I cried.  He was always full of laughter and fun, and it was contagious.  I miss that about him.

My grandpa passed away a few months ago and it was unexpected for me as his health had taken a turn for the worse quite quickly.  The last time I saw him was at our family dinner before I officially moved to Thailand and I'm glad that we had those moments together so we could all be together one last time.  Living abroad has made it more difficult to deal with his passing or being there for my family as I feel helpless out here not being able to be there for them.  I am fortunate though that they all understand and support the decisions I've made in my life and that it comes with sacrifices too.  I left with a comforted heart knowing my family was in general good health and more importantly had each other to help, love, and support each other.  Without that, I would not have been able to make this move.

It makes me happy though, that whenever I think of him the first thing that comes to mind is his laugh, that full-bellied laugh.  And when he smiled, his entire face smiled.  I like that what he left with me, is his gift of smile and laughter.  My grandparents had been together for a long and wonderful 45 years and through thick and thin they took care of each other and endured everything life had thrown at them with grace and fortitude.  I’m a lot like my grandma, we’re very strong-minded and opinionated women.  We need a champion who can handle us, balance us, and love us for the feisty women that we are.  My grandma is incredibly lucky that she had that champion in my grandpa.  He was such a lovely and kind man with a heart of gold, a good provider, and the best grandpa who still makes me smile and hear his laugh.


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