23 February 2013

Fjords and more in Milford Sound

A photo of the fjords today - AMAZING!

A painting I saw that really depicted the scale and beauty of the fjords

Traffic jam

It is DAMN cold out here!

I’ve always wanted to see fjords, especially up in northern Europe where you can also spot aurora borealis simultaneously, though for this trip, I settled for the Milford Sound – which I heard was quite spectacular as well.  Unfortunately for us, it was quite cold and overcast for our trip, but I could still see the majestic mountains that seem to shoot strait up into the air, and when I realized that the waters were nearly as deep as the mountains themselves, call me speechless.  Oddly, it’s a place where the surface of the water is fresh water yet the ocean’s salt water lay below allowing dolphins, seals and penguins to be seen here.  Around every corner it seemed as if there was something new to be in awe of.


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