25 January 2013


I'm not your typical New Year's resolution kind of gal, especially the kind that involves me losing weight.  Not that I would be opposed to having my 20 year old body back, but let's face it, it's just not a reality and I'm not that insecure with myself.  The fact is, I don't really like setting up goals for  myself as the one thing I've learned about myself over my last 35 years is that I like to fly by the seat of my pants.  However, the other thing I've learned about myself more recently is that there have always been things that I've always wanted to do but I never got around to doing them nor made any plans to get to them so I just continued on with life and whatever it threw at me.  Those of you that are closer to me know that once I make a decision, no matter how crazy or unconventional it might be, I follow through as shown by my decision to leave my career and life behind in America to travel and be a part of the rest of the world.  So here I am, having just moved to Thailand and realizing there are things I want to do and I know I have every power to change my life as I see fit.  So I've come up with my own list of things I'd like to "get around to" this year and I know I'll follow through with them... eventually.

1. Learn to play acoustic guitar.
2. Teach.
3. Inspire at least one person to have the courage to change their life even in the most subtle way.
4. Try one thing every month that scares me - be it try a new food, try a new kind of adventure... just try something that stretches my boundaries of comfort.
5. Travel to India.
6. Learn to speak Thai.
7. Develop my photography skills.
8. Take my vitamins.  I just gotta buckle down and do it.  I ain't gettin' no younger!
9. Be a better friend.  Just because I'm on the other side of the world doesn't mean I can't call up my friends more often.
10.  Learn more about Buddhism and Taoism.  I am living in a Buddhist country after all and I kinda dig what I see.
11. Um, keep up on my blog more often.

Next year this time, I'll be able to say, "Yeah, this is what I did last year and I rocked it."


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