22 September 2012

Raglan Surf

Warm sunset, chilled air
Surf, black sand, speak of young dreams.  
Two roads diverging.

Thought I’d take a crack at a haiku.  Don’t judge.  It’s my first time.

First stop, Raglan.  We stayed in a great little surf lodge a bit off the beaten path outside of the city.  Raglan is known for being a great place to learn how to surf.   The waves here are gentle and consistent, a perfect place to learn.  Seeing them made me want to learn!  

Back at the hostel, it was the opening ceremony for the Olympics and I gotta admit, I loved being in another country in a hostel with people from all over the world, eating fish and chips while drinking some beers with everyone, watching all of our countries represented and together for this great sporting event.  It was really quite awesome. 

Loved this girl's outfit!

The view from hiking around the hostel


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