06 September 2012

The Philippines and more...

The first thing that caught me off guard in Manila was that the Spanish culture is still heavily embedded here.  I thought I was going to another Asian country where I wouldn’t recognize or understand anything.  But when the locals speak Tagalog, every few words are in Spanish, which I understood!  It was so refreshing to understand something in a foreign language after all of the Asian countries that I’ve been through where I couldn’t understand one word they were saying.  And from what I understand, the further south you go in the Philippines, the more Spanish they speak.  Everything from the styles of architecture, street names, and down to the food, Spain is still everywhere to be seen.  Ah, viva Espana! 

Catholicism runs high in this neck of the woods

Flying in over Manila

I assume some crops during monsoon season... but here it seemed like they were in the sea!

While I didn’t spend very long in the Philippines at all, I still had a great time.  I was the guest of my friend, Rodolfo and his family.  We celebrated his departed son’s birthday which I was honoreds to be a part of, we ate (a lot), we drank (a lot!), we went on boat rides to amazing places in Boracay, and just had a nice time with each other.  The Phillipines are stunning!  I need to go back and spend at least a month there!  There’s something about the Asian and Spanish culture mixed into one, with rainforests, islands, stunning beaches and ocean, great food, and a celebratory atmosphere where it’s quite common for the locals to eat and drink until the sun comes up.  So naturally, I tried to blend in with the locals.  I’m pretty sure in Boracay, I got about 3-4 hours of sleep every night. 

I don't know how water gets this blue... it's spectacular!

Rodolfo (on the right) and his family

At Ariel's Point

My "Survivor" friends...

Just after sunset along the beach...

 Upon arrival in Boracay, I had never seen waters so clear and turquoise .  Now, I’m not much of a water person despite all the beaches I’ve been to in the last 6 months, but Boracay definitely is at the top of the list.  I’m spoiled.  Permanently.  I just couldn’t stop looking at the water and being near it, despite being on an island.  Days were spent eating too much food, shopping (ok, window shopping) around, and nights were spent eating too much food, drinking, dancing, and of course winning fusbol tournaments.  Somehow, I always manage to find the fusbol tables… or is it that it always finds me?  Hard to say… But the win felt good, the other players were really good, and it was nice to win a bottle of Jaeger (which I shared with everyone),  a pitcher of shots (that I also shared with everyone) compliments of the chef that was also playing with us, and an awesome t-shirt. 

We had gone out to Ariel’s Cove for a little snorkel, hang out, eat, drink, jump off of diving boards, day and what a day!  I had a great time and met some really cool guys who were part of the camera crew for “Survivor” in the Philippines.  The food was good along with an open bar, a fun group of people and countless jumps from some very high diving boards as well.  I had more fun photographing them than I did going into the water.  Boracay is yet another adults gluttonous play ground… 

And the nightlife!  Oh the nightlife!  Fun.  That's the only word for it.  Fun for everyone.  A few of the outdoor beach bars had fire dancers and here are a few pix of them.  While at first I though they were all women who were in really good shape, I later learned that the majority of them aren't exactly women... which is fine, just makes me jealous that they have such toned bodies.  Enjoy!


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