27 January 2013

Marahu - a little piece of paradise

I had arrived at Abel Tasman a day late due to my own stupidity in staying at a different hostel than I originally booked and the bus went to that one.  It only took me 30 minutes to realize my mistake (yeah, I’m not always that quick). So I booked a bus the next day to take me out to Abel Tasman to catch up with the group and once I got there, I wished I had that additional day there.  Abel Tasman is stunning!  An absolute heaven for me.  It sort of reminded me of Oregon with it’s beautiful rugged coastline and walking trails.  However, one of the many things that sets it apart are the crystal blue waters and the fact that you can possibly catch sight of the little blue penguins.

One of the beautiful things about travel is all of the people you meet along the way and travel with, sharing in typically many drinks and even more laughter.  So thus began my journey with my south island Stray friends starting with a travel guide named Horse, a nickname supposedly from killing a horse that had gone loco.  But nce I met the group, it was non-stop sarcasm and all sorts of crazy, fun, shenanigans.

So back to Abel Tasman… I spent my day looking for green lipped mussels at the beach during low tide and instead found the creepiest tide coming in.  I can’t say that I’ve ever watched a tide come in, but I imagine the waves slowly come up to the shore.  This one, came in very steadily and quickly.  It was like the water wanted to grab me and drag me back into the sea.  Unfortunately, for me underestimating this, managed to get my shoes completely soaked – just in time for my hike!  There is a hike there that takes you along the coastline and what a gorgeous hike!  I only did 3.5 hours of it, but there is so much more including locations to camp through the mountains there.  If only I had gotten there sooner (and it wasn’t winter), I hear the kayaking is amazing there.  One day, I will go back and stay there for several days to soak up all Abel Tasman has to offer.  I can’t say enough about this place, it is a must see!


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