02 February 2014


Today I will be attending an all-day workshop here in Chiang Mai called Freelancing for Freedom and I'm super excited to be going because the challenge with living abroad is that I'm unable to attend workshops back home like AltSummit and Blog Shop amongst the many smaller workshops with some of my favorite bloggers.  Ever since the new year began, I've had a lot more momentum in not only catching up on my blog (that I'm a year behind on), but I have so many ideas that I've been collecting for a while of the different kinds of things that I want to share with you.  Thing is, is that I can be really f'n lazy and caught up in the day-to-day bullshit... or getting lost on Pinterest for hours.  I need to be pushed and pulled, have a fire lit under my ass, and slapped around to focus and get shit done - I need to make it happen!  So I'm stoked to be attending one locally with women that have some kick-ass blogs and freelance businesses!  I'm looking forward to their inspiration, guidance, and ass kicking.  

So let's get down to the nitty gritty…  In addition to my travel posts, I want to share with you my new life living abroad.  My life has evolved and so must my blog.  It's not just about my travels especially since I'm no longer "on the road" but to also share my wanderings in this new country that I'm living in, even in my own backyard, as there are some crazy cool and interesting nooks and crannies here.  But let's face it, we also have lives that exist in the depths of the interwebz too and I want to share some of mine with you.  Here are a few of the ideas I have for new weekly posts you'll be seeing soon:

- Share interviews with some of these incredible fellow wanderers that I meet along my journey that will hopefully be an inspiration for you as they most certainly are to me (thus why I never want to go home).

- Share recommendations on some awesome food and things to do here should you ever come to visit - if not, well, you can vicariously live through me, I'll even eat for both of us!  I'm a team player.

- Share some of the projects that I'm working on (or going to commit to when I get my ass into gear) to help develop some of my personal goals - maybe you'll join me in doing the same.

- Share some new music that I discover.  With being around all of these travelers from around the world, I get to hear some pretty interesting and sweet tunes, so let me share some playlists with you even if some may be a trip down nostalgia's lane.

- Share some adventure inspiration as I want all of us to get out and wander a hell of a lot more even in our own backyard.

- And of course, share some pretty pictures. 

You've read up to this point so you must have some interest in what's going on over here, you have a little break in your day, and you're looking for a little escapism into April-Land.  Well, I want you on this journey and I want to keep you on this journey with me and grow along with me - maybe even inspire you to come join me out here (hint, hint!).  You don't have time or money to do some exploring in the world?  Wander with me for just a few minutes plus with the added bonus of not traveling in the cramped, non-air conditioned buses, weird street smells, getting ripped off, and travelers diarrhea!  You've always wanted to do a photo project but need a little inspiration-kick-in-your-ass?  Me too!  So let me inspire you to kick your own ass or watch me kick my own - your choice.  (Frankly, I'd rather have you inspire me - I get fired up over that shit!  I love it!).  Looking for some more Instagram/Pinterest users to follow?  Me too!  Pinterest is like pornography for me!  Let me share some with you and you can share with me.  Deal?  

So for whatever reason you're reading this, I love that you're here.  Henceforth, let's commence with Project Kick Ass!

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